Happy Name Yourself Day!

9 Apr

April 9–Happy Name Yourself Day!

I know some people who don’t love their name, but I have always been a fan of mine.  I like that between my first and middle name, I manage to include both a q and a z, two of the least used letters.  All in all, it just has a really nice ring to it.

If I have one complaint it’s that my name is really long.  Jac-que-line takes a while to say and I always have to spell.  Because of this, people feel that they can just shorten it to “Jackie,” something that infuriates me.

So in the sake of naming myself, I will go by: Ashley.

No way to shorten it and no need to spell it.

While I took a practical approach to this holiday, a friend of mine decided that he would be called Spider Mann for 24 hours.  Then when people addressed him, they would say “Mr. Mann…” and he could correct them: “Please, call me Spider.”


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