Happy National Siblings Day!

10 Apr

April 10 is National Siblings Day and I have a confession to make.

I am an only child.

Today is the day for all of you to go tell your brothers and sisters how much you love and appreciate them.  How they were your best friend growing up.  How you never would’ve had anyone to tell your deepest secrets to without them.

Today is also the day for me to confess to all of you that, as much as you loved hanging out with your siblings, I loved being an only child and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Sure, everything was all about me, but I wasn’t a spoiled brat about it.  I got opportunities that I never would’ve had if I had had a sibling and they made me who I am today.  I got to take bassoon lessons starting in 5th grade.  I got to learn to socialize with adults at a young age because I was often the only kid at get-togethers in my house.  I was spared from wearing a matching but different colored outfit in a family portrait.

Guess I didn't totally escape the matching outfits...

But the most important thing I got from being an only child is my amazing relationship with my mother.  She took the place of both sister and mother and became my best friend.  I have lost touch with my high school friends, college friends have disappeared in the hectic pace of grad school.  My mother is the only person who has been there unconditionally for my entire life.  Since I don’t have a sister, she is the person I talk to about boys, come to with problems and tell my secrets too.

Of course we fight.  How could we not spending so much time with someone I have grown up to be almost identical to in both personality and looks?  But beyond that is an unconditional understanding that when shit goes bad and everyone else bails, we will always have each other.

As I said, I am an only child.  But I think I can appreciate this day because this seems to be how people feel about their siblings from what I’m told.  They are the people who have been there since birth, who you hate sometimes and who you would do anything for.  Today is a day to celebrate that.


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