Happy Scrabble Day!

13 Apr

This one is a big one for us J-school kids at Medill among whom the Words with Friends craze has spread like wildfire.

For anyone who doesn’t have the app, download it and watch your productivity decline rapidly.  Essentially, it’s scrabble on an iPhone that allows you to play your friends.  After one person takes a turn, they have to wait for the other person to go and they play back and forth.

It’s super addicting and nearly impossible when you are playing with all writers.  We’re also all journalists, so we’re really competitive with each other.

My best word to date was “JUTE.”  It hit both a triple letter and a triple word square and scored me 102 points.  Recent plays include: visage, piquant and knave.

My name on WWF is JSKlimas…play me today to celebrate the holiday!


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