Happy Titanic Rememberance Day!

15 Apr

The Titanic embarking on her maiden voyage.

Ninety-nine years ago, in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912, the unsinkable Titanic sunk.  This maritime disaster killed 1517 people, more than half the number on board the ship.

Since this is a tragedy, it feels odd to say “Happy Titanic Remembrance Day!”  Also, everyone knows at least the basics of the Titanic story.  The entire sinking has been sort of glamorized by modern day media, from museum displays of relics from the ship to a blockbuster movie staring Leo that grossed over $28 million on its opening weekend in 1997.

So in the vein of happiness and new information, I am going to write about the RMS Olympic, a sister ship to the Titanic that had a long career free of icebergs and death.

Her main voyage to New York began on June 14, 1911, almost a year before the Titanic made her first and only trip.  Neither boat had been equipped with enough lifeboats, so after the sinking of the Titanic, workers on the Olympic went on strike, asking for enough fully-functioning life boats to save all passengers and crew.

The boat was originally intended for commercial use, but was outfitted as a military ship to transport troops during World War I.  In 1919, she was

The RMS Olympic dressed up for her military use during WWI.

restored to be used for civilian vacation and transport.  After serving as cruise ship was many years, The Olympic was retired in 1937.

Even after her retirement, pieces of the ship lived on.  Since the ship was nearly identical to the Titanic, pieces of the boat have been showcased in Titanic exhibits, including a first-class cabin at the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri.


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