Happy Marathon Monday!

18 Apr

It is my pleasure to educate those of you unlucky enough to have never spent a Patriot’s day in Boston about this amazing holiday.

Every Patriot’s Day, there are two marathons in Boston.  The first is the 26.2 mile run through the heart of Boston that leaves the city streets barricaded and covered in discarded water cups.  The second is the day drinking by everyone in the city, from underage college kids to adults who have lived in the city all their lives.  Both marathons begin at 8am and both test their participants physically and mentally.

This holiday, however, is about more than drinking.  The entire city–schools and businesses–closes down and everyone gets the day off to celebrate the fact that the weather is finally getting sunny and springy.

A picture of the Boston Marathon from Creative Commons.

I was lucky enough to participate in this day for three years of my undergrad at BU.  The best thing in the whole world is walking down to the race course with friends and just cheering.  I always knew a few people who were running the marathon, but I cheered for anyone.  It’s not uncommon to hear cheers like “Go yellow hat!!”  or “Keep it up green sneakers!”  Maybe I’m making more out of this holiday than there actually is, but it’s a day to cheer on strangers who are doing an amazing thing–running farther than I could even imagine and raising money for a charity while they do it.  Ultimately, it’s a day for the greatest city on Earth to come together and rally around people they don’t know.

Sadly, this year I will be in Chicago, busy all day with class.  To my friends in Boston, enjoy your kegs and eggs and cheer extra loud!


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