Happy National Garlic Day!

19 Apr

Photo by Lee Kindness. http://www.pbase.com/wangi/macro

Garlic is pretty much my favorite food.  I love garlic bread, any kind of pasta sauteed in garlic, I like it on my pizza.  I like when it isn’t finely minced and there are huge chunks of it in my food.  Obviously, it’s sort of a love/hate relationship because eating a lot of garlic leaves your breath in such bad shape that not even teeth brushing and mouth wash can fix it.  That’s why I only hang out with fellow garlic lovers–if you both smell, you don’t even notice.

Recently, while on vacation in Santa Fe, my mother and I split this amazing appetizer at Cowgirl BBQ called Cabeza de Ajo.  It’s a head of roasted garlic on a place of melted Jack cheese with tomatillo salsa, served with little crostini to slather it on.  With the garlic buds smushed on the toasted bread with some cheese and salsa, it just tasted like crispy, spicy and delicious garlic bread.

It was so good that I am considering roasting a head of garlic myself and found this recipe, which makes it look pretty easy.

On this day, as you eat garlic to celebrate, remember its many health benefits, from lowering cholesterol to killing yeast to warding off vampires.  Could there be anything better?

The vampire bat will suck your blood...unless you eat garlic!!


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