Happy Birthday Fenway Park!

20 Apr

I know I’ve been posting a lot about Boston lately, but I guess the start of baseball season has made me a little homesick for my undergrad days, watching the lights of Fenway from my dorm room.

Today marks 99 years since the first opening day at Fenway Park, when they took on the New York Highlanders.  This team is better known today as the Red Sox’s nemesis, the New York Yankees.  The Sox crushed the competition 7-6 in 11 innings.  Today, though the stadium has gone through many additions to allow more fans to see the games, the Boston Red Sox will take on the Oakland Athletics on the same field they played on 99 years ago.

Tiger Stadium in Michigan, called Navin Field at its opening, also hosted its first game on April 20, 1912.  However, the Tigers moved to Comerica Park after the 1999 season and the old Navin Field was demolished in September 2009.

Here’s hoping Fenway stands for another 100 years to serve the best hot dogs, block as many views of the game as possible and house the best team and fans of any MLB team.


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