Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

I have never been a very “green” person, but after spending a quarter as a health and science reporter, I can now appreciate Earth Day.  While I was in my happy sports place writing about concussions, other reporters were investigating environmental issues.

When I was little in elementary school, every Earth Day we would each get little pine tree seedlings.  I now have three mini pine trees growing in my backyard at home and while it was really fun as a kid, I wonder how much they are really doing to help the Earth.

Everyone has heard all the tips: turn off your lights when you’re not home, don’t leave the water running, unplug appliances when you’re not using them.

Well here’s another really simple way to make a green change to your life for Earth day.  According to Grayslake Patch, if everyone paid their bills online, we could save 18 million trees a year–way more pine trees than would fit in my backyard.  It’s easy, good for the Earth and it saves you 44 cents on a stamp!

To sum up, here’s a picture of my favorite tree ever: The Angel Oak in Charleston, SC.  It’s absolutely beautiful and huge–please save it!


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