Happy Pigs in a Blanket Day!

24 Apr

…Because pigs get cold too.

Oh, wait, is this actually supposed to be about the awesome little cocktail hotdogs wrapped in delicious pastry?  Well those are almost as awesome as pigs.

From the recipie at AllRecipes.com

It’s pretty easy to celebrate this holiday, which is listed in the American Farm Bureau Foundation’s Dates to Celebrate Agriculture calender according to Wikipedia.  Simply heat and eat a pig in a blanket, sold in the frozen section of any grocery store.  Or make your own with this recipe here.  The ingredients don’t get much more American: hot dogs, processed cheese and biscuit dough.  And according to this blog, you can even make them vegetarian by using Smart Dogs or Tofu Pups.  So no one has an excuse.

As an alternate way to celebrate, find your favorite pig and wrap him up in a blanket so he’s all warm and cozy as he reflects on the fact that he made it yet another year without becoming the Easter ham.

From freefoto.com


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