Happy World Penguin Day!

25 Apr

Since penguins are my favorite animal, this day is almost better than Christmas for me.

They’re adorable, they waddle, they always look like they’re wearing tuxedos and they vomit into each others mouths to feed their young.  What’s not to love?

According to Holiday Insights, this date marks the annual migration North for penguins.  So as you’re commuting to work, remember that penguins are skidding around on their bellies on icebergs right now on their commute.

Some ways to celebrate this holiday:

1) Go to a local aquarium or zoo.  If you’re in Chicago, the Lincoln Park Zoo has a great Penguin House and it’s totally free!  Off the brown line at Armitage and walk towards the lake.  There, you can visit this adorable guy, who showed me some attitude last week.

2) Watch a penguin movie, like March of the Penguins or, my personal favorite, Happy Feet.  I can’t think of anything better than a dancing fluffball falling in love and fighting global warming.  Watch a clip of the movie here.

3) Wear a penguin costume–or just black and white!

Today is also ANZAC Day in Australia.  I don’t remember what it celebrates, but I know that it involves drinking and gambling.  To all my Aussie friends, Happy ANZAC Day!


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