Happy Tell a Story Day!

27 Apr

This morning, in my Advanced Health and Science Reporting class, we learned how to become great story tellers by weaving narrative structure and personal details with scientific fact.  I feel like lots of people think journalism is all about reporting facts or explaining things, but if it was, people wouldn’t read it.  Journalism is all about telling people’s stories.  In honor of this holiday, I am going to highlight a couple great journalists who tell beautiful stories.

1) David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster: This piece is well reported AND beautifully written.  Brings real personality to a boring, touristy festival.

2) Leigh Montville: This writer for Sports Illustrated and Boston sports guy totally captures the feel of every sports events, sitting you right down in the bleachers to see it through his eyes.  My favorite piece of his is a wrap-up of Boston sports through the ages in a Sports Illustrated special Boston edition, but unfortunately, I can’t find it online.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.

3) William Nack: Another sports guy like whom I aspire to write.  He can be describing horse crap, literally, and the language will still be lyrical.  I read his novel, Secretariat, and loved how he let me see the world through the horse’s eyes, humanizing him.  Here is his tribute to George Steinbrenner.

Of course, there are many more, but there are a few favorites that I’ve been exposed to at j-school.  Anyone else have favorites that have to be on the list?


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