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Happy National Macaroon Day!

31 May

For this post, I was going to actually make macaroons myself.  While thinking about this, I remembered the first and best macaroon I’d ever had.  And, knowing that I could never live up to this macaroon with something made in my own kitchen, I abandoned the attempt and decided to relate the story of my favorite macaroon instead.

Photo from The City Sage blog

It was the perfect end to the perfect day during Spring of my senior year of college.  I had spent all day out in the sunshine with friends and headed to Quincy Market to grab a drink and some food with my then-boyfriend.  Walking through the shops in Fanueil Hall, he spotted these macaroons.  I turned my nose up at them, since I was very anti-coconut…and still am.  But he got one that was dipped half in chocolate and when we got back to his place, I agreed to take a bite.  And it was delicious.  I proceeded to eat the entire half that was dipped in chocolate, leaving the rest for him.

I’ve had a handful of macaroons since, but none like that one.  It was big and light and fluffy and delicious.  Today, I will remember the amazingness that was that macaroon.  And possibly look for a good bakery in Chicago to indulge at.

If you’re more adventurous than I am, a great recipe is featured at The City Sage blog, which is where I got the delicious looking photo from as well.


Happy Memorial Day!

30 May

In my small town, Memorial Day is a big holiday.  All the firetrucks get a bath and parade down our tiny main street, together with the middle and high school bands and every cub scout in town.  Our police dogs were basically like local celebrities, getting their photos taken.  It’s a very small town thing, but it’s something I miss.

This year on Memorial Day, I plan to enjoy the fact that Chicago may decide it is finally summer.  So happy memorial day everyone!  Eat lots of hot dogs and wave around tiny American flags.

Happy Birthday Scary Spice!

29 May

Spice Girl Melanie Brown turns 35 today.

I was obsessed with the Spice Girls as a little kid.  They were actually the first concert I saw, at the Meadows in Connecticut.  This was in the days before Ticketmaster and the phone lines had been tied up all day.  My mother finally got through at a gas station pay phone–no cell phones yet either–and when she got lawn seats to see this British five some, I actually got excited that I almost vomited.

Not much changed over the years.  I went to see the Spice Girls yet again on their reunion tour my sophomore year in college at the TD Garden in Boston.  Not wanting to be huge tools by dressing up like members of the band, my friends and I wore matching sparkly tube tops.  I think we still looked like huge tools.

Sometimes I think I would’ve been a lot better off in life if I had listened to the advice the Spice Girls gave me through song.  When all my friends didn’t like a guy I was seeing, I should’ve remembered that if you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends.  Blah day?  I obviously needed to spice up my life.

The Spice Girls were a huge chunk of my childhood–my first CD, my first concert–and I can’t believe Scary is turning 35.  In honor of this holiday, I will spend at least 10 minutes slamming my body down and winding it all around.

Happy International Jazz Day!

28 May

In high school, I was a Jazz Band Groupie with a friend of mine.  We went to the jazz band’s concerts and cheered them all on.  In reality, this was just a way for me to become even more of a band geek.  In addition to playing in several groups, I even cheered on the ones I couldn’t play in.

It helped that my best friend played in the jazz band.  He is a very talented saxophone player, who would turn bright red wailing away on his jazz solos.  We won “Best Musician” in our high school year book together.  The photo is of him pretending to beat me with my large, cumbersome bassoon.

He was always a big fan of Charles Mingus.  Here’s a video of one of his songs:

Happy National Wig Out Day!

27 May

Wig Out Day is always the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and has been called the “Halloween of warmer weather.”

In case you couldn’t guess, it’s a day to wear a fun wig and make your hair all crazy.

I’ve experimented with my hair a lot over the years: from almost-black-dark-brown to platinum blonde, to even putting a few pink streaks in it.  I’ve had it short and long and everywhere in between.  Still, there are some things you can only do with a wig.  Maybe today, I’ll wear a mohawk wig.  Or a mullet.

If you don’t want to wear a wig today, maybe you can help make one!  Here’s a link to the Locks of Love guidelines.

Happy Sally Ride Day!

26 May

Image from flickr

Today is Sally Ride’s birthday.  She was the first American woman to go into space.  This day seems especially important this year since, because the space program has been cut from the budget, it is likely that no one will be going into space for quite some time.

Here, NPR made a timeline of important women in space.

Happy Tap Dance Day!

25 May

For those of you who know me, it’s not that surprising that I tap danced as a kid, since I’m very loud.  I did all sorts of dance–ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop–but tap was always my favorite.

I’ll never forget the first tap routine I did in a dance recital as a little girl.  I stole the show–while everyone else performed the routine we had practiced all year, I stood still, looking down and playing with the fringe on my cowgirl costume.  I was a real star.

In a Save-the-Last-Dance-type twist, tap dancing has taken to the streets.  Check out these awesome street performers tap dancing.