Happy Save the Rhino Day!

1 May

These large, lovable animals need some saving.  According to Wikipedia, rhinos are listed as “critically endangered,” meaning that their numbers will decrease 80% within three generations.

The reason so many of these animals are killed is for their horns, which can be used as decoration or for medicinal purposes, which have no scientific backing.  Their horns are made out of the same protein as our fingernails and hair–keratin.  I think if people want to use their horns for medicine, they should just eat their own hair or fingernails instead.

Do you want to save the rhinos?  I thought so.  I know how attached most people are to Google, but in honor of the holiday, even if it’s just today, use http://www.goodsearch.com for your searches.  According to the International Rhino Foundation, this search engine allows you to designate the International Rhino Foundation as the charity that receives about one penny for every search.  If everyone does it, that can add up!

You can also adopt a rhino that is living in the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Indonesia.


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