Happy Intergalactic Star Wars Day!

4 May

May the Fourth be with you!

There are lots of ways to celebrate.  I, for one, wish I had my childhood Queen Amidala Halloween costume here so I could wear it out in public all day.

A better way to celebrate might be to host a Star Wars viewing party.  If you were to watch Star Wars 1 to 6 back to back, it would take over 13 hours, not accounting for bathroom breaks.

Another option is to talk like Yoda the entire day.  Annoying your friends, you will be.

Finally, download the iPhone lightsaber app.  This allows you to turn your phone into the intergalactic weapon of choice, complete with color selection and sound effects.  Zhoooom!  Tss tss, zhooom!

And don’t forget to play this classic gem on repeat all day.  Gives you goosebumps doesn’t it?


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