Happy National Hoagie Day!

5 May

Where I come from on the east coast, people do not call these hoagies.  They’re called subs, or in even more Connecticut slang, grinders.

There’s no one story about where the name hoagie came from, though all sources I found online agree that the name originated in Philadelphia.  What’s Cooking America describes the many tales as to how this sandwich got such a funny name.

The first and most common tale is that Italian workers on Philadelphia’s Hog Island would bring these amazing sandwiches to work–cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, oil and spices.  The workers were nicknamed “hoggies” and eventually, the name transferred to their awesome lunch under a different spelling.

Another version is also set at Hog Island.  An Irish worker named Hogan coveted his Italian co-workers sandwich and told him that if his wife would make two sandwiches the next day, he would buy one.  The sandwiches were called “hogans,” which eventually shortened to hoagie.

This sandwich is so closely tied to Philly that former mayor Ed Rendell declared it the official sandwich of Philadephia.  Sorry, Cheesesteak.


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