Happy School Nurses Day!

11 May

…or more broadly, Happy Nurses Week!  May 6th-12th is Nurses Week and the Wednesday of that week is School Nurses Day.

I haven’t had the best experience with school nurses in my day.  I fell of the jungle gym in 3rd grade and the nurse called my mother and told her she had to come pick me up since I “wouldn’t walk.”  When it turned out that I had actually broken my ankle, I bet she felt a bit foolish.  Then there was the school nurse in high school who wouldn’t let me eat a hot dog for lunch after I busted my chin open on the gym floor because it would start the bleeding again.  In that case, she may have been right, but it was annoying nonetheless.

However, since beginning to cover health and science issues in Chicago, my opinion of nurses has totally changed.  They are incredibly helpful talking to me and are the right-hand man/woman to most doctors.  In addition to keeping everything organized, they are usually the ones with people-skills who deal well with patients.

I have a couple friends who are nurses, so on this day I want to say to them “Happy Nurses Day!”  Thanks for working insane hours and always picking up viruses to keep everyone else healthy.


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