Happy Blame Someone Else Day!

13 May

The first Friday the 13th of every year is Blame Someone Else Day.  Online legend has it that on the first Friday the 13th of 1982, Anne Moeller’s alarm did not go off in Clio, Michigan that morning.  She blamed other people for being late when she overslept.

Sure it’s not good to get other people in trouble for your mistakes, but this is only one day a year and it’s a holiday, so celebrate it! Blame other people or things for your own wrongdoings.  Something wasn’t done right?  Today, your co-worker did it.  Late for something?  The el didn’t come forever (as my Boston friends know, this is always a reasonable excuse with the T).

Happy Friday the 13th from Shadow, our kitty at home!

Or there’s always the default: the black cat crossing my path ate my homework.


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