Happy National Sea Monkey Day!

16 May

As a kid, I had every kind of pet imaginable over the years.  Dog, cat, bunny, hamster, guinea pig, fish, chickens, frogs, hermit crabs…but never a sea monkey.  Until today.

To celebrate this holiday, I ordered a sea monkey kit and aquarium–really cheap on Amazon.com.  I let the water sit out over night with the purifying powder, then poured in my instant grow sea monkey eggs, which were frozen in time, according to a promotional video on the official Sea Monkeys Website.  And nothing happened.  But, eventually, little white spots started moving.  Days later, they continue to be little white spots.  Still, at least I have a pet now!

But don’t be tricked…it is not as exciting as the kids in this video make it out to be:


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