Happy National Waiters and Waitresses Day!

21 May

Once upon a time, I worked at this gem of a restaurant called Sunset Cantina which was often over run with drunk college kids, tourists heading to Sox games and conferences of high school principles.

The people who ate there made the job both awesome and miserable.  I loved talking to prospective students from Boston University about my experience there.  I enjoyed seeing old couples out for a date.  And I was really pleased with the one hysterical evening when I watched a girl presumably get dumped at the table and start crying into her burrito.

Then there were the angry mothers whose children would literally die of starvation if they were not fed this instant when the restaurant had a 45 minute wait.  The conference attendants who would come into the restaurant screaming when I’d been working–and sober–for 12 hours.  The underage kids who would sneak in a beer can in their back pocket and think I wouldn’t notice.

It was an interesting summer to say the least and I wouldn’t have made it through without the amazing people who worked there with me.  To all my friends still at the Cantina, I miss you!  And to everyone else…be nice to your waiters and waitresses today!


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