Happy World Turtle Day!

23 May

As you may know if you read my World Penguin Day post, penguins are my favorite animal.  Sea turtles, however, are a very close second.

Awesome sea turtle at the Sydney Aquarium.

When I was on vacation in Vero Beach, Fla., with my family as a kid, I wanted to see a sea turtle in the worst way.  It was sea turtle egg laying season and the hotel was right on the ocean, but even then the odds weren’t great.  However, I was one lucky and adorable little girl and one night at dusk walking on the beach, it looked like a tire washed up on the sand.  It was a sea turtle and we were members of the small crowd that gathered around to watch her lay her eggs and retreat back to the ocean.  The coolest part was going to play on the beach the next day only to see the sign where she had laid her eggs that told people not to dig there or drag anything too heavy over the spot.

Well, the vacation obviously ended before we got to see the little baby turtles make their frantic run to the edge of the water, but we did get a projected birth date.  So, on that day back at our house in Connecticut, we had a birthday dinner for the sea turtles (see where I get this crazy-celebrate-every holiday thing from?)

We went all out.  We had hamburgers, which we drew turtle shells on with green ketchup.  I also made turtle cupcakes, which were green frosted with a shell drawn on and pecans for the legs.

So wherever this little babies are today, happy world turtle day!


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