Happy World Juggling Day!

18 Jun

First, an apology.  Between graduating from Northwestern, packing and moving to DC and spending time with my mom, I have been neglecting my blog and depriving people of their random holiday celebrations.  For that, I apologize and promise to be more vigilant in the future.

To make up for it, I come to you with an awesome Q&A today with Dustin Portillo, the boss clown with Ringling Bros Circus.

How did you get into juggling?

It was on my 13th birthday that I received my first pair of juggling balls.  Within 10 minutes I had learned the basic 3 ball pattern.  For Christmas one year got pair of juggling clubs, and I got those down in about a week after broke several things in the house.  When I got onto Ringling in 2005, I started learning more about juggling and different tricks with pairs of clubs and ball tricks.

What do you like to juggle the most?

I prefer juggling clubs.  I know a lot of tricks with balls but with clubs it’s a lot flashier and you can do a lot of pairs stuff.

Was it hard to learn?

It is difficult to learn but I mastered 3 ball juggling pretty quickly.  For other people, if might take longer.  It is a difficult skill to learn but once you learn you never forget almost like an elephant never forgets.

How long have you been with the circus?

I started in 2005.  I had never done anything professionally with juggling until I got onto Ringling then one of the clowns taught me more and more tricks.  Our current show, Fully Charged, has three different juggling acts.

What do you do for the circus now?

Being the boss clown means that I am in charge of all the clowns and I oversee the show for the clowns and help to create make up and costumes.  I’m basically like a manager of a Wal Mart–they over see everything that has to  do with employees, I over see everything with the clowns.



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